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Any registration Festi Line Show ', confirms the acceptance of the rules and conditions of registration.
The classes are open to all persons practicing Country & Line Dance.
The choice of guest was made by FestiShow '.
As an organizer, FestiShow keeps the right to modify the schedule of the weekend.

Condition of Registration:

Bookings can be made through the registration form. It can be downloaded from the Festival website ( or made available upon request from the Association by email, address or telephone.
The following informations are required: Full Name - Email and Phone.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or parental permission must be attached to this application form.
Bookings not accompanied by payment will not be took into account and FestiShow 'keeps the right to cancel the registration.

Prices & Payment:

Discounted rates offered are reserved for those people before 3/31/2015.
The 10% discount is reserved to groups with more than 10 ppl who have taken a FESTI'PASS & which registrations were sent in the same envelop.
10% discount valid until 3/31/15. And the discount is based on the 10 FESTI'PASS total amount.
The regulation will be accepted as follow:      
 -  respect timing for the registration, as attested to by postmark.
- you can pay cash.


Responsibility FestiShow cannot be outside of training hours.
Responsibility FestiShow cannot be liable for physical or psychological injury suffered by the people during the Festival.
Responsibility FestiShow cannot be liable for loss or theft of jewelry, clothing or valuable items at the Festival.
Any person who doesn't take classes is not allowed to stay on the spot.

Behavior : 

Any registrant undertakes to comply with the choreographers, instructors and volunteers.

Image Rights:

Any participant grants irrevocable permission to publish and disseminate all photographies taken during the Festi Line Show.
These pictures may be used in any forms.
 Any registered people is committing not to holding responsible the photograph or his/her representatives and any person who acts with permission according to a possible frame, color or density changes which could happen during the reproduction.
Photos and videos are the unique property of the FestiShow ' association.

Cancellation - Refund:

A cancellation may result in a partial refund except in case of death or force majeure on presentation of proof.


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