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Guillaume discovers line dancing at the age of 17, thanks to his family and friends who think that this is funny and original.
As for him, Guillaume thinks that it is exciting to learn directly very different motions, « true Country », celtics, modern musics. Consequently, this variety make him quickly addict to line dancing in general.
Quickly, he takes his first lessons to become a teacher in his own club. For 10 years, Guillaume passes down his passion for Country Line Dancing.
This is Syndie Berger, a friend known in the world of country line dancing, who makes him discovering competition for the first time at the City of Light in Paris in 2006. There, it is for him a revelation when he sees dancers from the high divisions…
So he decides to follow private lessons with Audrey Gendre and Jérémie Tridon from Indepen’Dance Style in line but also in Pro-Am. In 2007, he starts at UCWDC.
He wins many titles at different european competitions but also at the European Championships, in Line, Pro-Am and Choreography.
In 2006, he creates his first choreography. At the beginning, it was more a personal pleasure, he liked a celtic music and made Mysitc.
His dance friends made the surprise to write and publish his dance, and he was satisfied to see people dancing it. Moreover, at this moment, it was not much a trend to create choreographies and french people were not a lot to teach those choreographies.
Since this first choreo, he has a lot of pleasure by creating other ones and teaching them at events where he is invited. Not easy for a young french man to find his place beside famous international choreographers…
But nowadays, this young man full of talent is known from a lot of dancers and his choreographies are danced everywhere in the whole world.


Right Now

Something Amazing : Description : 32 temps, 2 mur, 1 tag/restart, Débutante Musique : Something Amazing de Ilse DeLange

 Moonlight Shadow :Description : 32 temps, 2 mur, 1 restart, Débutante Musique : Moonlight Shadow de Nolwenn Leroy

 New World : Description : 32 temps, 1 mur, 1 restart, Débutante Musique : A Whole New World par Collin Raye

Diamonds :Description : 64 counts, 1 wall, WCS Line Dance Musique : Diamonds by Rihanna

Just A Fool : Description : 48 temps, 4 murs, Intermédiraire - Valse Musique : Just A Fool by Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton

You Ain't Alone :Description : 64 temps, 2 murs, Two-Step Musique : You Ain’t Alone by Toby Keith 

Don't Worry :Description : 64 temps, 4 murs, East Coast Swing Musique : You Don’t Have To Worry by Tara Oram

Scrubbashin' :Description : 64 counts, 2 wall, Two-Step Line Dance Musique : Scrubbashin’ by Lee Kernaghan

We Found Love :Description : En ligne, 64 comptes, 2 murs Musique : We Found Love by Rihanna Rythme : Cha Cha Niveau : Intermédiaire

All My Life :Description : 64 counts, 2 wall, line dance Musique : Where Have You Been by Rihanna

My Hallelujah Dance :Description : 64 temps, 2 murs, Two-Step

Lonely : Description : 32 temps – 2 murs – Novice – 2 Tags Musique : When You’re Lonely by Tara Oram

Je L'Aime A Mourir :En ligne, 28 comptes, 4 murs Musique : Je L'Aime A Mourir by Shakira Rythme : Night Club

I Was Here :En ligne, 48 comptes, 2 murs Musique : I Was Here by Beyonce - Valse - Intermédiaire

Walking In Memphis : Description: 32 counts – 2 walls – novice Musique: Walking in Memphis by Lonestar

Irish Son : Description : 32 temps - 2 murs - Débutant Musique : Irish Son de Brian Mc Faden

Start On The Dancefloor :Descriptions : 32 Temps – 4 Murs – Débutant/Intermédiaire – Line Dance Musique : Start Without You – Alexandra Burke

Giddy On Up : Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Beginner level line dance Musique: Giddy On Up by Laura Bell Bundy

Angel's Circle : Description : 32 temps, danse en cercle, débutant/intermédiaire Musique : The Kiss de la BO The Last Of The Mohicans

Rebel Heart :Description : 40 temps – 4 murs – Déb./Int. – Line Dance Musique : Rebel Heart – The Corrs

I Hate This Part : Description : 32 temps – 4 murs – débutant/intermédiaire Musique : I Hate This Part des Pussycat Dolls

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