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Sébastien BONNIER was born the 25th, april 1982 in Montpellier.
Little prince of country dancing, Sébastien starts dancing at the age of 6,5. He practises many kinds of rock, swing and booghie-woogie where he takes lessons in a high level school.
He dances in couple and also teaches during education programs.He is quickly faced by national and international competitions. He becomes winner of the French Cup and wins titles as 3rd European Champion and 4th World Champion.
Through rock parties, he discovers line dancing and finds a new vocation.
Marie Perez and Robert Wanstreet (founder of country dancing in France) are his first teachers and give him the rules and the history of country dancing.
He improves himself through french and international organizations : CDIT, NTA, FCWDA, FFD… His competences make him organizing a lot of events and he takes part in companies.
At the age of 18, he starts teaching in Montpellier and becomes one of the founders of country dancing in the area.
He specialises himself as a tecnic and styling teacher, in line and couple dancing, to learn new things and to share his knowledge and passion of dancing.
In 2003, he creates a country dance association, FIRE DANCE, in the south of France. His energy makes him creating many dance groups and he creates original shows.
His dedication and his passion make him going further with the FFD since his creation and he learns to be a federal judge.
Also a choreographer, he wins the 1st place at the French Open with « long tall sally ».
He is known about his tecnicity and his style, that’s why a lot of competitors train with him, they win very good results in national and international competitions. He is a coach but also trainer for other teachers, what make him travel everywhere in France, especially in the north of France (Normandy, Britain), and in the south where he has parts of his association.
After more than 15 years of competition and 7 years without, he decides to come back in challenge by competing at the WCDF world championships.
His reputation is marked by his positive strictness, pedagogy and tecnical achievements. But he keeps pleasure by dancing and his motto is :
                « The pleasure of dancing with simplicity »

All about tonight

          Big time operator
          Buisness of love
          Crash course
          Hit a road jack

Long tall sally

Love to me
          Pick a ball
          Rock this party
          Stand by me easy
          Swing aces
          White walls easy



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