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Dancing is a passion for Romain. Hip-hop dancer but also modern’jazz and new-style (standing hip-hop), he discovers line dancing at the age of 13 (country and novelty). His mother and sister had already danced this before Romain take an interest in it.
At the age of 16, he becomes a country and line dancing teacher in Beuvry. He is also a hip-hop and modern’jazz teacher from 2010 to 2012.
At 16, he starts competition. His first time is a test, it happens at the Tulip Challenge in the Netherlands. Quickly, he gets caught in the game. For him, competition is a state of mind. Actually, it enables him to having a professional opinion on his passion and surpassing himself to improve his level. He is trained by Guillaume Richard, Rémi Lemaire, Audrey Gendre and Jérémie Tridon.
He wins several titles and awards :
- Tulip Challenge UCWDC – Netherlands in 2011 : 1st place / Newcomer
- City of Light UCWDC – Paris in 2011 : 1st place / Newcomer
- Shamrock UCWDC – Ireland in 2011 : 1st place / Newcomer
- Tulip Challenge UCWDC – Netherlands in 2013 : 2nd place / Novice
- City of Light UCWDC – Paris in 2013 : 1st place / Novice
In 2001, he is asked to dance in the video « ça me regarde » from Yannick Noah. But he is still minor so he has to refuse.
In 2012, he has a break in competitions to give himself over to studies (he succeeds in his dance baccalaureate). Despite everything, it does not prevent him to keep having lessons with Zack Reece (Janet Jackson dancer but also Nicole Scherzinger, choreograph of Kelly Rowland, David Guetta, Christophe Willem, Yannick Noah, M. Pokora, Amel Bent, X Factor France, Popstar, One Direction) and Nathalie Lucas (choreograph for Shy’m and Florence Foresti) in Paris.
For 2012-2013, some young dancer ask him to help them to prepare competitons with the french federation (Fédération Française de Danse). He accepts to give them tecnical classes, 3 of them become 2nd, 3rd and 4th in final.
In 2013, he trains a team of 10-12 dancers. They become 1st at this competition.
Romain always wanted to be a choreographer. In 2010, he gets into choreographying and creates the first one BABY LOVE : it is a success. In 2012, he comes back with SALGA EL SOL. Romain is a choreographer in his own right, his choreos are danced in the whole France where he travels to give workshops. He gets the 2nd place for 2 of his choreos, Echa Pa’lla and Right Now (written with Guillaume Richard) at the City of Light in Paris in 2013.
Despite the fact that he has a passion for line dancing, Romain was dancer and choreograph in a local company (in Béthune, called STAR DANCE) during 4 years.
Nowadays, he is very happy to get into a new project that he cared very much. Actually, he launches his own dance company « BODY ART » in Beuvry (north of France). This troupe was born on the 2nd of septembre 2013 with the perfect headline : « Loose yourself in dancing ».

"Tu dois continuer de rêver, souhaiter de grandes choses
et poursuivre tes objectifs, car personne ne le fera à ta place."
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 Baby love :Danse en ligne : 32 comptes – 2 murs Musique : Baby – Justin Bieber Niveau : Débutant - Intermédiaire

 Salga El Sol :Danse en ligne : 32 comptes – 4 murs – 4 tags  Musique : Hasta que salga el sol – Don Omar  Niveau : Novice 

 Think of Me : Danse en ligne : 32 comptes - 2 murs - 1 tag Musique : Do you think of me de MISHA B Niveau : Novice/Intermédiaire

 Good Girl :Danse en ligne : 64 comptes - 2 murs  Musique : Blurred Lines de Robin Tickie, T.I., Pharrell Niveau : intermédiaire 

 Dame : Danse en ligne : 32 temps - 4 murs - 1 tag Musique : Dame de SHAGGY ft. KAT DE LUNA 

 Ours : Danse en ligne : 32 comptes – 4 murs - 2 restarts Musique : Ours – Taylor Swift

 Going Up the Country :Danse en ligne : 48 comptes – 4 murs 1 restart Musique : Going Up The Country - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis 

 Ya BB :Danse en ligne : 32 comptes – 4 murs - 1 restart Musique : «Ya BB» - Radio Version - Play & Win

 Echa Pa'lla :Danse en ligne : 32 temps - 4 murs Musique : Echa Pa’lla de Pitbull ft. Papayo Niveau : Débutant

         I really Want You
        Right Now


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