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Jose was born in Holland, on the 17th of March 1987. He starts to dance linedance in 1999 and 3 months later, he already did his first competition where he got the first placement in Newcomer Youth so he immediatly moved to the next division : Novice. After that, he entered Intermediate and fast got into Advanced. He kept on winning many competitions.
In 2002, Roy Verdonk asks him to join his team, The Roy Verdonk Dancers. With that team, they won all competitions they entered.
2005 was the year of his dreams, the year that showed all his hard work was not for nothing. That year, he became a Megastar at the Swiss Championships.
In 2007, he becomes a World champion in Pro-am dancing with Nisrine Verdonk. After winning this title, he starts to dance as a pro himself and right now, students join him.
In 2009, he starts his own team in Spain,“Estrellas EspaÒolas”. With this team, he aslo won every competition they entered. But in 2011, he stops this team to go for his other passion in life, trying to be one of the best choregraphers in the world.
He choregraphes a lot of dances which are now danced by people all over the world. Some of them also won awards. Moreover, WorldCDF and UCWDC are also using some of them for competition.
His dream is getting his students as far as he gots in this dancing world…..


Ai Se    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (nl), Roy Verdonk (nl)
   80 Count     1 Wall     Beginner / Improver     Music: Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo
   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: B Boy Baby by Mutya Buena
Chica    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL) March 2013
   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Chica – Mendez
Danza Kuduro    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL), Andres Torti
   64 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Danea Kuduro – Omar
Dj Falling In Love Again    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE, Roy Verdonk (nl) March 2011
   32 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Girl On Fire” (Inferno Version) - Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj
Don't Forget Me Baby    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (10th Feb 2013)
   32 Count     4 Wall     Easy Intermediate - Fun     Music: Te Fuiste (Ext. Mix) – Jose De Rico ft HenrY Mendez
Girl On Fire    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE, Roy Verdonk
   64 Count     2 Wall     Easy Intermediate - Fun     Music: Te Fuiste (Ext. Mix) – Jose De Rico ft HenrY Mendez
I'm In Love With You    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE, NL & Sebastiaan Holtland, NL (12-07-2013)
   64 Count     2 Wall     Easy Novice     Music: I'm In Love With You by Timbaland ft.Tyson Ritter
I Want Your Body    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE, Roy Verdonk
   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate - Fun     Music: Chica-Mendez
Leave You Alone    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE / Joey Warren (March 2013)
   48 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate - waltz     Music: Leave You Alone - Kris Allen
Lovin’ You Is Fun    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL), Daniel Trepat
   32 Count     2 Wall     Novice     Music: Lovin’you is fun –Easton Corbin
MI ROWSU    DJ Alex, Pim van Grootel, Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk, JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE, Raymond Sarlemijn (Aug 09)
   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Mi Rowsu by Damaru & Jan Smit
Sex, Love and Texas    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (nl), Wil Bos (nl), Roy Verdonk (nl)
   32 Count     4 Wall     Improver     Music: Sex, Love & Texas by Skinners
Sweet Baby Girl    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE & Kelli Haugen (Nov 2012)
   32 Count     2 Wall     Newcomer / Novice - Non-Country     Music: “Kallenavn” by Admiral P (83 bpm)
Un Beso (aka La Despedida)    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (Netherlands) and Daniel Trepat
   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: La Despedida (Remix Version) by Daddy Yankee & El Jefe Mundial Ft Tony Dize
Ven Conmigo    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE & Andres Torti (July 2011)
   64 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Ven Conmigo by Daddy Yankee Ft. Prince Royce
Verano Azul    Pim van Grootel, JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE
   32 Count     4 Wall     Novice / Beginner     Music: ¨Verano Azul¨ by Juan Magan
Year of Summer    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL) 6-7-2013
   32 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate NC2S     Music: “Year Of Summer (acoustic version)” by Niels Geusebroek
Words to Believe    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL), Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos
   64 Count     2 Wall     Novice    Music: Les Mots – Keen’V
Zumba    JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL) Aug 2012
   64 Count     2 Wall     Improver / Intermediate     Music: Zumba - Este Habana


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