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Festi Show is a french association created in 2009 by Thomas Lemaire, in order to organize exceptional events as Festi Line Show.
Volunteers make of those bigs events magical moments : Chanchan, Nath, Nico, Sandra, Jean-François, Martine, Patrick, Constant, Michèle, Simon, Pauline, Sylvia, Laurent and Brigitte.
Why the Festi Line Show ?
Only to gather people about the same passion : dancing.
Festi Line Show tries to make progress dancing in general but also the level of dancing as offering high quality workshops and tecnical classes.
Festi Line Show, this is enabling dancers throughout France and even other countries to meet choreographers.
This is making wonderful meetings with talented choreographers.
Festi Line Show make your dreams come true !!

« Il faut avoir une musique en soi pour faire danser le monde. »
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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