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“I started dancing at the age of 7, in ballet, modern and jazz where I had the good luck to be followed by the best teachers : Rosella Hightower, Bruno Vandelli, Redha, Vendetta Matthea.
I followed my mother at the 1st Country Festival of Cagnes-sur-mer in which she was a volunteer.
I had never seen line canders before. My first dance was TUSH PUSH.
Then I went to workshops and trainings with her, and we were not a lot in the past.
My decisive meetings were first Jérôme MASSIASSE and Lycia GARNIER. Then, at the first City of Lights where I went : Pedro MACHADO which taught me fun and modernity, and Brigitte ZERAH, with whom I am laways learning tecnic.
After passing my NTA certificates (I was director for the south of France from 2001 to 2006), I created my class at Cap d’Ail-Monaco in december 2000, and organized a lot of line dance meetings in the south to make discovering the best choreographs like Pedro Machado, Rachael McEnaney, Lee Easton, Jenny Stephenson, Emily Drinkall and Daniel Trepat.
Named French Representant for WORLD DANCE MASTERS in 2010, I organize every year the FRENCH MASTERS in Rognac.
Trying competition was obvious for me if I wanted to progress. Only training for competition enables to stretch your limits and to go everytime further in dance tecnic and artistic expression. I never looked for a competition career, this is just an occasion to work to learn and improve even more.
In my opinion, this is essential to know the required level in competition and the nervosity we can feel when we compete, to be able to share my experience with my students while coaching or when I have to judge a competition.
I started competing in january, 2001, in Perpignan, judged by Robert WANSTREET who encouraged me to fkeep on competing.
French competitors were able to be counted on the fingers of one hand, and I am very nostalgig about this period. I won several competitions in line dancing in Europe (WORLD DANCE MASTERS, UCWDC, WCDF), but my best awards are what my students win, and also my teams (Master Team in 2008 and 2009, City of Light in 2009, French championships in 2010 and 2011).
I am very respectful of young french people who compete now and reach international podiums because competition is harder and harder.
I am a « free electron » and I can’t help making variations when In dance…Seriously, I love creating and I started writing choreographies for my teams in 2004. Then, I have been asked to choreograph routines for shows.
That’s why I started to choreograph line dances on musics I like. And people asked me to choreograph for competition. I really like to share and pass down my passion of dancing through my choreographies.”


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